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Oct 19, 2017 at 12:04 PM
Mar 12, 2017
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Senior Moderator, Male

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Back from my vacation, hope you all have been amazing as always ;) May 29, 2017

Dale was last seen:
Oct 19, 2017 at 12:04 PM
    1. Emporerlizard
      What happened to thunberg is he ok
    2. JoeyJoJo1
      can you tell voidscape to stop being mean to me like spamming #JoeyJoJo1foreverpoor and saying look its #JoeyJoJo1foreverpoor its getting really annoying and I tell him to stop every day
    3. AgentAwesome002
      Hi two of my friends were banned 1 for duplicating when he didn't and the other one for something else and then an admin took my ggs and igs that were at my friends base and thought they were duped but they were mine the friends an admin banned are roccomosdy and sashaflannels please can you reconsider banning them and to give me back my stuff please thank you AgentAwesome002
    4. Kyledren
      Hey, you know stuff. Is SSundee actually going to record? I think the only person that would know is thunberg, but rip
    5. Willcraft312
      Hey is there anyway I can get my money back for everything i bought? Its fine if you ban me if u give my money back but if u dont give me back my money then dont ban me. Thank you PLease msg me back as soon as possible. Sincerely, Willcraft312
      1. Dale
        Sorry, but all purchases are final and there are no refunds.
        Aug 10, 2017
    6. Lollo1309
      Hey I buy upgrade kn to Lord but I time wrong name my name now is 777x_lollo_x777 can u help me :( I have already send an email like 17 h ago but nobody do nothing
    7. imri_i
    8. AlexGamingFTW
      Hey @Dale can you please check out my appeal!
    9. KeonDZ
      If you get this message, just wanted to thank you for helping me in Overwatch and we should play together one day <3 ^-^
      1. Dale likes this.
    10. imri_i
      hey dale j0hnn stole my 4 beacons he helped me and when someone showed me something he stole them he was the only member in my base my name is imri_i i was wondering if you can get them back to me please please it took me 3 monthes to get them
      1. Dale
        Scamming is allowed, sorry.
        Aug 1, 2017
    11. Kyledren
      RIP thun. His cow face will be missed
      1. Ryann likes this.
    12. Guy
    13. BadTBH
    14. DoVeR
      Thanks 4 removing my llamma dale.
      I hope he went peacefully
      1. Dale
        As peaceful as I could make it <3
        Jul 22, 2017
        Ryann likes this.
    15. Wickedbenben
      I would like to report closedwindow410 for robbing my base and , he also trolled me as in pouring lava everywhere in my base so then I started my new base then
      he got skygod tools and destroyed my whole base
      and then I started a new base then he did nothing after but after a while he came and bullied me ,he was so mean to me, then next and final thing is he called me stupid,a brat and said the F word to me!! :(
    16. Amos
      Hi Dale... you wrongfully banned me...

      1. Minecraft Username: AmosPlayGames

      2. What were you banned for: Duping??!?!

      3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: Yes

      4. Who banned you: @DaleOP

      5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: May I ask what did I dupe? The legendary books?
      I have many exp farms where each account gets 600,000 exp per day.
    17. vinny
      Dale this person du9 spawned me at my realm and jumped off the edge and I hit the ground and he took all my gear and good tools
    18. UltraForce121
      the discord links are not valid and i cant join help plz
      1. Kyledren
        Jun 28, 2017
    19. skittleman149
      i have been white listed on your skyrealms server and cant get on and i would like to know why
    20. BOSSKILLER2002
      Man u ban me ... see the message ok?
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