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Hey everyone!

We've got a bunch of cool new features and great bug fixes for you all this week. Read on to learn about all the changes and updates of the past 7 days.

Top Realms
Ever wanted to show appreciation for someone with an epic realm? Or wanted to show your epic realm off to more people? Well now you can with realm voting and top realms!

Every 24 hours you'll be able to vote for your two favorite realms by typing /realm vote while visiting them. At spawn you'll see a Top Realms NPC who will display all the highest voted realms. You can quickly and easily visit popular realms using this menu. Get out there and make your realm the most popular on the entire server!

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 2.50.43 PM.png

Increased Realm Member Limits
We've added increased member limits to donor realms so you can invite even more friends to be a part of your SkyRealms adventure! The increased limits for each rank can be found below.

Knight - 12
Lord - 14
Duke - 16
SkyGod - 20

Realm Damage Change
Players will no longer take damage when they are visiting realms they are not a part of. This means others won't be able to trap you, kill you, and take your items any more!

Full Changelog
- Added Top Realms NPC
- Added realm voting
- Increased realm member limits for ranked players
- Fixed donor realm cobble generators
- Increased sugar cane sell price from $192 to $250
- Players no longer take damage at realms they aren't members of
- Fixed inventory item stacking bug
- Fixed 'commom' misspelling on enchanted books
- Added rank descriptions to /buy
- Added realm starting size in /realm claim menu
- Added wolf and ocelot spawn eggs for $1250 each​
Happy Easter everyone!

To celebrate the holiday everything in the store is 25% off for this weekend only! Get that rank or Gkit you've been wanting HERE.

In addition to the sale, we're doing a rank upgrade on Twitter! Just retweet THIS tweet for your chance to win!

Easter Event
Starting now and through Monday, you'll be able to find Easter Eggs in warzone chests. If you manage to collect 15, you'll be able to exchange them for an exclusive Easter realm theme at the Easter Bunny, found at spawn. Be careful though, if you die in the warzone your killer will collect your eggs!


Once you unlock the theme, if you are having problems switching to the Easter Realm theme, simply go back to /spawn and then back /home and it should work!

Happy egg hunting!

Full Changelog
- Started Easter Event
- Easter sale (25% off!)
- Added Realm Showcase subforum
- Added Realm Recruitment subforum
- Added new hub with parkour
- Added auto announcements
- Re-enabled anvils
- Added more realm themes, which can be found in keys​
Hey everyone,

We've got some great new store updates for you all today, as well as some bug fixes from the past few days. Read on for all the information about these updates and changes!

Realm Themes
Ever wanted to change the spawn area of your realm to something more fancy? Well now you can with Realm Themes! At the moment we have two, Castle and Mushroom, which can be seen in the banner image at the top of this post and are available in our store.

More themes are coming soon, with some being winnable as prizes from crate keys in the future! If you have any suggestions for cool themes you'd like to see, make sure to let us know!

We've also released GKits to our store. Once you purchase a kit you'll be able to claim it once every 3 days! Each item in the kits comes with randomized enchants every time you claim them. Read on for more information on each of the 3 kits.


This kit will give you a diamond sword with disarm and disarmour enchants and a chance to have heavy hand, greatness, and/or berserk. It also includes a diamond chestplate with reinforced and cactus and a chance for snares, saturation, and/or slows enchants!

This kit will give you a bow with a levitation enchant and a chance to have a pierce and/or snare enchants. It also includes a diamond helmet enchanted with reinforced and tank and a chance for hastened, absorption and/or enlightened enchants!

This kit will give you a diamond axe with heavy hand and head hunter with a chance to have bleed, final blow and/or wolf pack enchants. It also includes diamond leggings with reinforced and lightweight, and a chance for self destruct, kadabra and/or absorption enchants!

The team is hard at work on tons of new features and fixes, so stay tuned for more updates!

You can purchase Realm Themes and Gkits over in our store...
Hello everyone!

Today we have some great additions and changes to SkyRealms for you all. Read on to learn about them all and be sure to check the bottom of the post for the full changelog!

Daily Challenges
Looking for an extra challenge for an extra reward? Then make sure to log in daily to complete our new daily challenges. When you type /challenges you'll now be given two options, classic SkyBlock challenges and daily challenges.

Every 24 hours there will be three new challenges which you can complete for rewards, such as an epic key. Example challenges might include mine 20 obsidian, win 3 SkyWars games, loot 20 warzone chests.

Once you've complete a challenge and received your epic key, head over to the new Crate Master golem to open your crate. The Crate Master will also open any voting keys you receive from now on.


For those of you who use our Discord, we've added two new channels - #skyrealms and #deals_and_trades. You can use #skyrealms for all server related chat and #deals_and_trades for making trades for in game items.

We've also added a set of Discord rules, which can be found HERE!

If you're not already on the Discord, you can join by clicking HERE!

We now have an official SkyRealms Twitter, which you can find HERE! Make sure to follow for updates, giveaways, flash sales and everything SkyRealms related.

Full changelog
- Added Daily Challenges
- Added beacons and dragon heads to epic key rewards
- Added anti invisibility to spawn and warzone
- Void now kills you in the warzone
- Added /nv to Knight rank and above to toggle night vision
- Nerfed cobblestone sell price by 15%
- Buffed sugar cane...​


Hello everyone,

I'm pleased to announce we have added voting and voting rewards to SkyRealms! This was a much-requested feature, and I'm excited to finally share it with you guys.

You can vote in-game by typing the command /vote

Click the book to get the voting link, once you have voted come back and type /vote again. You will notice an enchanted emerald. You can claim your reward by clicking the enchanted emerald.
Hello everyone,

Since launch, we have gotten a lot of feedback from Donators that the current perks for donating and supporting the server could be improved.

We decided to spend a little time working on a new feature exclusively for donators to thank them for supporting us and our network.

With that, I would like to introduce Donator Realms. Donator Realms are larger and "cooler" realms. Depending on your rank you will get access to the following realms:

- Max Build Size: 150x120
- Max Build Size: 200x170
- Max Build Size: 250x220
- Max Build Size: 300x270
- Max Build Size: 400x370

Each of the different realms come with a different max build size. With this, you will have more room to make your realm bigger and better.

If you would like to get access to these islands and would like to support the server you can order a rank here:


Hello, Everyone!

After several months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce the beta release of SkyRealms!

When we set off to build SkyRealms, we knew we wanted to build a server that focused on inclusivity and community. That's why early on in the design process we decided to build the technology required to support all of our players playing together. SkyRealms does away with the traditional server picker and allows players to play and interact with each other regardless of what server they are on.

While the server is in beta, we will be relying on you the community to help us find any bugs (which I'm sure there will be tons of), balance the game, and help us come up with new additions that will make the server more enjoyable for everyone.