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If you've enjoyed fighting the Iron Golem King boss, then you're going to love this update! You can now take on the Ender Dragon in a fully custom End Raid battle with your friends. Read on to learn more!

You can win an End Raid ticket by following this link!

End Raid Tickets
In order to start an End Raid, you will need an End Raid ticket. You can grab them in the store HERE. You can also get lucky and from time to time find a ticket in a key!

Just like the bosses, just one player needs the End Raid ticket to start the battle.


Party System
In order to defeat the dragon, you're going to need help from some friends. Once you have a ticket, simply do /p invite (player) to invite your friends to your raiding party. You will need at least 8 members (including yourself) and you can invite up to 12 total to join you in the hardest fight on SkyRealms!

Once you have your party setup (make sure you and all your party members are geared up!), right click the End Raid ticket to head to the fight! Don't worry about losing your best gear, you won't lose anything you bring to this fight, even if you die.

The Fight
This Ender Dragon is no normal Ender Dragon, he's much harder! You and your friends will have to fight through 4 increasingly challenging stages in order to claim victory.

Certain items will not be allowed in the fight, so you can purchase these items (food, arrows, etc) by using /shop at any point.

If one of your teammates dies during the fight, simply run over to where they died and right click them to revive them.

Considered yourself warned, this fight will require skill, teamwork and a lot of work!


Should you and your party be...
Hey everyone, you now have new ways for you to make farms and profit shops with two new custom mob spawners! Read on to learn more about these awesome custom additions.

These spawners can only be obtained from a special NPC at spawn named Professor Manton, as seen in the image below. He will give you one of the new custom spawners in exchange for your normal iron golem spawners.

Super Golem Spawner

The Super Golem spawner is just like a normal Iron Golem spawner, except that it doesn't drop any poppies. It only drops iron ingots, allowing you to build more compact, more efficient farms and profit shops! You can get a Super Golem spawner from Professor Manton by trading in 5 normal IGs.

Golden Golem Spawner
The Golden Golem spawner spawns normal looking Iron Golems, except they drop gold ingots instead of iron ingots! Just like the Super Golem, they also don't drop poppies, though they require 7 normal IGs for one trade up. Grab some Golden Golems and make some gold profit shops!

Rabbit Spawners
While they aren't custom, rabbits are still fun! And now you can get yourself a normal rabbit spawner from the spawner shop.

If you have a great idea for a future addition to the custom spawners, make sure to let us know in the comments below!

Full Changelog
- Added Professor Manton NPC at spawn
- Added Super Golem spawners
- Added Golden Golem spawners
- Added rabbit spawners
- Fixed handful of misspellings
As most of you are already aware, SkyRealms has an awesome Discord community. If you didn’t know, see the bottom of this post for how to join the ever growing group where you can learn about updates, talk to staff, hang out with other players and more!

Rank on Discord
If you have a rank in game, you can now get that rank displayed on the Discord, as seen in the image below! Simply head in game and type /discord. This will give you a unique code. Copy that code, find the SkyRealms bot in discord, and PM it with ‘.link <code>’

If you don't have a rank, this command will do nothing. You can change that by buying a rank here.


This will link your in game account to your Discord, and show off any awesome rank you have in game! Make sure you PM the bot your code, DO NOT post it in a public Discord channel.

There may also be a secret donor only Discord chat for all of you to partake in ;)

If you have not yet joined our Discord community, you can do so by clicking HERE!

Coming Soon
Many of you have enjoyed the challenge and rewards from fighting the Iron Golem King, but some secret sources say a new boss is on the horizon! Prepare yourselves for a new challenge in the near future.

Full Changelog
Added custom Discord bot
Added ability to get ranks on Discord
Added rabbit, llama and parrot eggs, chorus fruit to the shop
Increased sponsored realm pricing to 5 million
Fixed boss arena catching on fire
Fixed XP rewards from keys​
Many of you have asked for it, and its finally here. Full 1.12 support has come to SkyRealms! Read on to find out more about what this means and what new features it brings.

New Blocks
1.11 and 1.12 brought a lot of great new blocks to Minecraft, and now you can use all of them in SkyRealms! From Shulker boxes (temporarily disabled due to some crash issues, will be fixed soon!), to observers, to the brand new types of clay! 1.12 is truly a builders dream update with all the amazing new blocks and colors.

New Mobs
While you won't be able to acquire all these mobs quite yet, you will soon be able to have tons of new mobs to befriend and fight! Parrots, polar bears, shulkers, and new villager types are coming to a SkyRealms near you very soon!

Supported Versions
While we now fully support 1.12, you can STILL connect using 1.10 or 1.11, though some features may not work fully. For example, if you connect in 1.10, blocks from 1.11 and 1.12 will show as a 1.10 block instead. You'll still be able to fully play SkyRealms, but for the best experience we recommend using 1.12.

Full Changelog
- Full 1.11 and 1.12 content support
- Added various 1.11 and 1.12 blocks to the shop
- Temporarily disabled Shulker boxes
- Made renaming keys bannable, like spawners
- Nerfed snowstorm enchant
- Fixed various /realm claim issues​
A few weeks ago we added the Nether, but what is the Nether without the Wither for you to take on?

The Wither is now here for you to fight! Grab 4 soulsand and 3 wither skulls and head to the Nether with your friends and your good gear and prepare for a challenge. The SkyRealms Wither is stronger, and harder to kill than usual and it will require teamwork to take down.

When you manage to kill the Wither there will be a chance for it to drop a nether star, an item you can sell or craft into a beacon!

Note: Withers can only be spawned below Y 105. This is to keep the players joining above safe utill they decide to go into the depths of the underground.

The Wither can only be built and fought in the Nether, so be prepared to deal with other angry mobs such as pigmen who will do everything they can to prevent you from being victorious.

On top of adding the Wither, we've increased the difficulty overall. Zombie pigmen are now automatically aggressive. So while there isn't PvP in the Nether, you should still expect a challenge!

New spawn sign, courtesy of the wonderful @Pat

Full Changelog
- Added custom Wither to the Nether
- Made pigmen auto aggro in Nether
- Added new (old) tablist
- Added /realm leave
- Add fancy sign at spawn
- Fixed various issues with trade plugin
- Fixed various typos
- Fixed water shop bugs
- Disabled ender pearls for non realm members

Hey everyone, we've got a great update for you all today, all about fighting epic bosses for epic loot! Read on for more information.

Are normal mobs and their loot just not cutting it for you? Are you looking for a bigger challenge to take on with friends in exchange for a chance at greater loot?

To activate a boss fight you need a boss spawn egg, which can be purchased from our store HERE. Once you have a boss egg, head to the arena at spawn (Found straight ahead from the spawn point, beyond the warzone drop), gather your friends with the best armor and weapons you've got and spawn the boss!


Be warned those, boss fights are hard, and will require your best gear, and your best friends in order to take it down. At the moment we have one boss, the Iron Golem King, and he will not die easily!

If you manage to take him out, you will be rewarded with lots of loot, including pieces of the exclusive Golem armor and weapons. The summoner of the boss is always guaranteed loot, and the 5 players who do the most damage to the boss during the fight will also receive loot.

Keep an eye out for more future bosses for you to fight and good luck to everyone taking on the Golem King!

Full Changelog
- Added boss fights
- Added Golem King Boss Egg to store
- Added boss fight arena to spawns
- Disabled ender pearls for non realm members
- Fixed various typos
- Disabled TnT in Nether
- Fixed Crate Master not always working
- /fly now prevented if combat tagged​
Hey everyone! We've got some great updates for you with daily tournaments. Read on to learn more!

Daily Tournaments
Daily Tournaments offer a new way to challenge yourself daily and earn legendary rewards! Just like daily challenges, there will be three new tournaments each day. Each tournament will task you with something different, from looting chests, to killing mobs, to mining certain blocks.


Tournaments can be accessed from the /challenge menu by clicking on the iron sword. At the end of each day, the top 3 players in each tournament will receive rewards! Good luck to everyone participating in each tournament!

First Place - 2 Legendary Keys
Second Place - 1 Legendary Key
Third Place - 5 Epic Keys

Full Changelog
- Added Daily Tournaments
- Various fixes/improvements for the Nether
- /fly disabled when combat tagged
- Fixed server restarts not always happening at correct times
- Fixed being unable to accept multiple teleport invites/requests

Hey everyone! We've got some major updates and balance changes for SkyRealms for you all today. Read on to learn more about the Nether, enchant balances, legendary keys and more!

The Nether
The nether is a classic Minecraft realm, and now you can visit it in SkyRealms! Simply construct a nether portal and hop in, just as you'd expect. This will take you to a custom world where you'll be able to adventure, mine, kill mobs and more!


When you spawn into the Nether, you'll spawn high up with an elytra, allowing you to fly down to a spot of your choice in the world. Once you land the elytra will be removed and any armor you had on restored. Inventories do transfer, so anything you obtain in the Nether can be brought back to your realm!

PvP is disabled (for now, let us know if you think this should change!), so your only fear will be the pigmen, blazes and other monsters that inhabit the world. If you're fast you'll even be able to mine a blaze spawner before other players get to them! The nether will reset periodically, so don't get too attached to the world.

Enchant Balances
Based on extensive feedback from all of you, we've balanced and fixed a huge number of enchants to make PvP more fun, fair and balanced! You can find a full list of the changes below.

Lighting - increased damage
Weakness - increased duration and level of weakness
Pickpocket - lowered chance and amount of stolen money
Wolfpack - increased chance
Disarmour - lowered chance
Disarm - lowered chance
Bleed - slightly lowered chance, lowered damage
Heavy Hand - decreased damage multiplier
Life Steal - lowered health steal amounts
Snare - slightly lowered duration
Ignite - fixed, no longer 100% chance
Larger Fireball - lowered damage
Blast Off - lowered velocity
Valor - lowered duration
Enlightened - lowered duration, slightly lowered healing amount
Hey everyone,

We've got some fun updates for you this week. Read on to find out more info on sponsored realms and name tags!

Sponsored Realms
Top realms is a great way for your realm to get more attention and more visitors (and more visitors means more sales in your shops!), but it can sometimes be hard to get those top slots for visibility. Fear not, using in game money you can now purchase a sponsored realm slot for a week and get all the extra attention you've always wanted!

The top row of 9 realms are the sponsored slots. If a slot is available it will show as an emerald. Simply click an emerald to purchase that slot for a week. First come, first serve!

Name Tags
Name tags are here and let you get that extra flair to show off to your friends! There are currently 12 name tags for you to unlock, and they can be obtained in three different ways.

Store - Baller, <3, Champion, Trustworthy (get them HERE!)

Epic Keys - Annoying, Architect, Brewmaster

Legendary Keys (coming soon!) - Tough, Headhunter, Fancy, Firey, Chilly

To access the list of name tags, simply type /nametag.

When you have a name tag selected it will show next to your name above your head (and in tablist!), as shown here by the wonderful PatP.
Photo taken at Tom737's realm, the first purchaser of a sponsored realm slot!

Full Changelog
- Added sponsored realm slots
- Added name tags
- Added SkyWars rewards
- Added legendary keys
- SkyWars bug fixes (infinite chests and more)
- Added realm invites to /pref
- Fixed safe room spawning/glitches
- Anvil item/name blacklist​
Hey everyone!

We've got a ton of updates including SkyWars, new realm themes, new chest shops and more for you all today. Read on to learn all about these updates!

We've made tons of changes to SkyWars to make it an epic game that you'll all enjoy playing! Many of the changes are listed below, but there are many small improvements that you'll have to play to see for yourself!

- 2 new maps (see below for images)
- Replaced wither overtime with tnt rain
- Overhauled loot system completely
- Added game leaver
- Improved spectate mode
- Correct winner is now selected

New Maps


New Themes
In order to continue to give you ways to customize your realm, we've added two new realm themes (Nether and Wild West) to the store. Give your realm some extra flair by buying one HERE!

New Chest Shops
We've created a better chest shop system, which means many of the issues with the previous system are fixed. You will no longer have to reset your shops after every server restart!

To create a chest shop, place a sign on a chest with the following info
1 (The amount of the item you want to buy/sell)
1 (The price)
Then click the shop with the item you wish to buy/sell through it. You're now good to go!

User Preferences
You can now control four different settings via the /pref command. It will open a GUI like the one shown below and allow you to toggle payments, teleport requests, messages and hiding players at spawn.

Players will automatically be visible if you leave spawn and enter the warzone.


Trading and [item]
Ever wanted a safer way to trade? Well then /trade is going to be your new best friend. Simply type...